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Customer Satisfaction
We enjoy working with S Mechanical. They operate on time, on budget and bring passion and enthusiasm to their projects. We would welcome an opportunity to work with them again.
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Design Build/Team Approach
S Mechanical has demonstrated their ability to minimize costs with creative and efficient solutions in numerous projects. They consistently exceed customer expectations while meeting owner requirements.
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Reviewed and measured by a number of industry standards, and grading systems, S Mechanical grades out consistently at a high level. They provide superior workmanship and results.
Reference 7

Skilled, trained technicians maintain equipment as if it were their own and dependent on the system's performance.
Reference 8 and 9

Professionalism and attention to the most current safety protocols is standard operating procedure for S Mechanical.
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Financial Strength
Since 1999, S Mechanical’s financial strength and experience have allowed us to arrange over 57 million dollars in surety bonds on their behalf. We look forward to continuing to work with them.
Reference 11

Future Relationships
We pride ourselves on quality customer service and creative problem solving.
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1. Jeff Arfsten
President, USA
Bovis Lend Lease
(312) 245-1000
2. Donald Biernacki
Vice President
Related Midwest
(312) 595-7400
3. Mike Boro
FCL Builders
(630) 773-0050
4. Jim Nass
Vice President
(773) 380-3200
5. Peter Zouras
23 Construction
(847) 542-5579
6. Carmen Dodaro
Executive Vice President
FCL Builders
(630) 773-0050
7. Ike Hong
Pacific Construction
(773) 290-1600
8. Jim Wharton
Area Vice President
ABM Group
(404) 402-4285
9. Joe Francis
Operations Manager
LeHigh Direct
(708) 356-2326
10. John Morley
Vice President
Bovis Lend Lease
(312) 245-1000
11. Steve Kazmer
Bond Manager
HUB International
(630) 468-5600
12. Mike Sabal
S Mechanical
(708) 535-3600

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